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Psychology is a mental healthcare science to help people overcome problems of the mind. This course presents another perspective - a deep spiritual insight into the workings of the mind and human behaviour. Spiritual psychology is essential knowledge for everyone!


This Spiritual Psychology course will take participants through a journey of self-discovery to first help better understand their inner identity. Drawing from wisdom contained in ancient Indian spiritual texts that go back millennia, spiritual psychology allows one to understand their inner nature and problems beyond just the superficial physical and emotional level. 


Through a combination of theoretical, practical and meditative approaches, this unique 4-week course will cover a variety of topics including:

- Our beliefs and values

- How things go wrong in life and how to respond

- Interplay between mind, intelligence and ego

- Identity and purpose

- Rewiring our thinking

- Understanding people

- Maintaining learning and growth


Whether you struggle with negative thoughts or struggle to make sense of why negativity exists in the world, this insightful seminar will enable you to evolve your understanding of life and take steps to become a better version of yourself. 



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Course Details

Facilitator: Santonu

Date: 4 consecutive Sundays, 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd May

Time: 10am-1pm

Location: Avanti Fields School, Colin Grundy Drive, LE5 0BX

Course fee: £20


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