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Essence of Relationships

How can we succeed in our relationships?


In the second workshop we present: 'Essence of relationships'. Relationships are at the heart of all human experience. However, we often find relationships in crisis. We observe the struggle of connection, communication, understanding and even respect and meaningful appreciation. It's easy to just walk away and call it a day - even though that's not what we may really want.


In this workshop we will examine what upholds and develops strong relationships. We will explore the essential pillars of a successful relationship as recommended in the timeless ancient spiritual scriptures of India. If you are trying to succeed in your relationship with your partner, with family and friends, with colleagues or your boss, then this workshop will give you essential insight! What is the essence of relationships? Why don't you come and find out... Join us for another unique and thought-provoking evening!

Tues 2nd August |

Avanti Fields, Colin Grundy Drive, Leicester, LE5 0BX

7pm - 8.30pm

£5 per person